Fall Harvest Tea 

Handcrafted tea from tended lands to your teacup 


This tea is a blend of plants that have been peaking in the time leading into the Fall Equinox. It includes Lemongrass and Tulsi Kapoor both grown locally for this limited edition tea. 


The blend of Lemongrass and Tulsi help support your nervous system and stress in the body. Tulsi is an adaptogen that has an affinity for mental fragileness and helps to keep you calm and present. 


Sometimes, the transition from summer fire season to fall water season can disrupt the body’s inner balance. When you think about pouring water on a fire- it douses the flames and goes cold. The warm ginger added this blend keeps the fire burning at a low heat and helps transition to the colder time of year. 


1.5 ounces


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Fall Harvest Tea

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  • Fall Harvest Tea 

    Herbal Tea - naturally caffeine-free 

    Tulsi Kapoor

    Bright and earthy with a hint of spice

    1.5 ounces loose leaf tea