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Herb of the Month

On farm education highlighting a seasonal specific herbal ally

Class Description

Each month, we will explore a new herbal ally. Each plant has a history, lore, and magic associated with it and the more practical medicinal and culinary uses. You will meet the herb on the farm in its current seasonal expression and discuss its ideal growing environment. There will be time to taste and explore the herbal energetics of the plant, and we will chat in depth about the history, actions, and energetics. Each class includes: *Meet the plant *Meditation with the plant *Taste the tea of the plant *Take tincture of the plant *Discuss other preparations of the plant *Discuss medicinal and energetic uses of the plant *You will take home the dried plant of the month and a monograph Classes happen on the second Tuesday of each month. Times may vary on the calendar booking with the season and sunset. If you don't see the class you want to show up automatically, scroll forward in the calendar to the month you wish to join. April 9th, Herb of the month: Sage May 14th, Herb of the month: Lemon balm June 11th, Herb of the month: Yarrow July 9th, Herb of the month: Chamomile August 13th, Herb of the month: Tulsi September 10th, Herb of the month: Milky Oats October 8th, Herb of the month: Monarda November 12th, Herb of the month: Ashwagandha

Upcoming Classes

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  • Heron Street

Contact Details

  • Heron Street

    731 Heron St, Nucla, CO, USA

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