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seed to medicine offerings with spirit and intention

practicing as a community herbalist 

Cypress Roots Craft Herbalism shares the people’s medicine through teas, tinctures and remedies in rhythm with the land. Offering an artful approach that combines science and tradition, and nurturing an ancient practice in a modern world, providing the support we could all use.

small-batch farm and herbal apothecary

Growing & tending herbal perennials & annuals, flowers, trees, and more to stock the apothecary. Consciously sourcing additional herbals to create handmade, small batches.

artful and intentional seed to medicine… spirit medicine

Where the plants come from & how they were cared for, it matters. The intention put into what and how the medicine is made, changes the outcome.

teas, tinctures and remedies in rhythm with the land

Crafted for both function and taste. Curling up with a cup is a sheer delight.


With simples and blends, for tonic and acute needs, there is a fit for everyone.


Seasonal support in the way of oils, balm, smokables, oxymels, honey, and more. 

supporting the practice of herbalism beyond quick fixes

You might need an herb to support an ailment, and we got you. But let this be your invitation to incorporate herbs into your daily world. Maybe even into a practice.

we believe...

reconnecting people back to the potential of nature with curiosity will bring more balance, health and healing and we would love to be a part of your journey. 

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