Apothecary CSA Share 

Supporting your seasonal wellness with hand-crafted herbal remedies


An Apothecary CSA is a quarterly share of handcrafted medicine, grown locally and sourced from small herbal farms, created to support your seasonal wellbeing.  

My hope is to remind us all(myself included!) that often the best medicine is out our front doors. 



Fall Equinox Share

Available for order September 15th.

Orders shipped/ available for pickup

in SLC on September 22nd. 

  • 1.5 oz Harvest herbal tea blend 

  • 4 oz Fire Cider

  • 1 oz chest opening salve 

  • 1 oz Elderberry syrup 

  • 1 oz Seasonal lung support 

  • Garden smokeable or burnable

  • Product education guide PDF emailed when shipped

Summer Solstice Share 

50% off while supplies last

  • 1.5 oz Backyard Mints herbal tea blend 

  • 4 oz herbal bug spray

  • .5 oz bug bite salve 

  • 1 oz Nervous system tonic 

  • 1 oz Elderflower and Honeysuckle Elixir 

  • Garden sage smudge 

  • Product education guide PDF emailed when shipped



More information: 

Have you wanted to try herbal products but don’t really know how to start? An apothecary CSA share can help! And if you are someone that knows our herbal friends, this brings seasonally harvested and handcrafted magic to you.

Community serviced apothecary/agriculture (CSA) shares are small-batch herbal medicine boxes that coincide with the solstices & equinoxes. These moments in the year have always had a deep connection with the rhythms of the land: spring planting, summer growing, fall harvesting, and winter rest and planning. Some of the plants used in these remedies are picked fresh and these small batches as they are cannot be recreated again until the next year. 


With each CSA share, you will receive 4-5 handcrafted herbal remedies curated for the season on hand, helping you to build your home apothecary. Educational information is included to support learning uses and applications for plants both familiar and new while experiencing their benefits firsthand. Educational information details herbal use, brief history and lore, and sometimes even a story or two.  


These herbal products will support you and your family’s immunity during seasonal allergies, keep you cool and happy at the peak of summer, support those winter blues, and so so much more. Products will vary each season and might include teas, tinctures, syrups, elixirs, oxymels, body products, burnables, herbal honey, etc. Participating in each seasonal CSA share allows you to build your herbal medicine cabinet and take an active role in tending your own wellness year-round.  


Some logistics: 

Only 20 boxes are available for Fall Equinox 2021!! 

Boxes will be available for pre- purchase and will ship on the Equinox on September 22nd 

Shipping, delivery, and pick up are available starting September 22nd

Local pick up available in Salt Lake City 

Local delivery is available in Salt Lake City for $3 

Shipping is available utilizing recycled packing materials inside the CSA box for $8